The ink wasn't even dry on the contract to buy our new truck camper during the Grand Opening of a new RV dealership location. We took one last look at our new camper before putting the paperwork in the truck and joining the celebration. I hear this "Splat!" behind me and see my wife has tripped. RV steps not completely installed yet as some parts are in a box on the bed in the camper.

Sitting in the Grand Opening party cookout in front of all the employees and family my wife is sitting with a bag of ice on her face.

Talk about completely ruining the joy of a new big purchase wondering if we need to go to the hospital emergency room or not! Welcome to your first day of RV camping honey! Fat lip, scab on cheek and skinned knee. Would love some safe steps for the wife and dogs. Let alone Me, Myself, and I! Yes, the first thing we ordered for our new camper was a first aid kid with instant cold packs!

Yeah, wish list has all the bells and whistles: Glowstep, handrails, safestep pet guards, glow in the dark, All Terrain Landing Gear ...

Joshua Doremire

RJoshua Doremire